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How To hang your hammocks without trees

hammock with stand

   No Trees No Hammock?

In spite of the fact that rope hammocks are customarily hung between trees, you needn’t bother with a couple of oaks in your yard to appreciate one. All you require are two 4×4 posts to tie off the hammocks. On the off chance that there are no regular spots in your yard to do this, you can make or get them. Using 4×4 posts gives you opportunity to pick the best area, however some current backings around your home might be a superior decision. Most importantly, pick a protected area. All hammocks can fall, so hang it sufficiently low to forestall damage, and failing to string one above furniture or different articles.

Posts in Concrete

Impersonate trees by setting 4-inch-by-4-inch fence posts in concrete. Deciding the distance of the posts doesn’t require a lot of figuring. They can be any distance that you like, insofar as they’re sufficiently tall to hold the hammock over the ground. The separation between posts ought to be no less than several feet more than the length of the loft. Fifteen feet separated is a genuinely safe widespread dividing for most hammock posts. Cut the posts 50 percent longer than the tallness you need them to be. The additional length runs in the ground with a layer of rock on the base and cement encompassing the posts, a similar way that a fence is manufactured, so burrow 12 expansive openings to that profundity in addition to around 3 crawls for the rock. You can burrow with a scoop, post opening digger or a power wood screw. Including a couple of creeps of rock in the base of the gap helps water waste. Utilize prepared to-blend concrete for fence posts, and take after the maker’s bearings. Once the posts are set and the solid is cured, tie up the loft at the tallness you lean toward. Bend substantial eye screws into the posts for tough tie-off focuses, if wanted.

  Don’t Want Posts

Don’t like post in your yard than there is another alternative, the hammock stand. Hammock stands come in several colors, sizes and are portable so its easy to move and take down.

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