Thanksgiving ..Go sailing , design Nautical t shirts or spend time with family..

   An OLD SALTS Delmma

       Some times you just got to make those hard decisions like designing nautical t shirts or not. Its Thanksgiving and my Mom is in town with my youngest brother and nephews , nieces. Everyone is going to my Other brother’s house for the big feast. Now I don’t have to worry about selling nautical t shirts at Salt & Asphalt because its an internet store and it runs itself. I don’t have to worry about Freaky Tiki Hammocks because it is also an internet store, so here is the dilemma.

Good Surf Today

   Today the surf is good 3 to 4 feet and clean, 68% weather(pretty good for the end of November)  and water just starting to drop below 70 degrees. Dilemma #2. Yes it is beautiful weather with a light breeze and smooth conditions. Maybe the last really beautiful day for awhile to take the Cal 35 out for a sail on this wonderful afternoon.,even though I know it is climbing to 70 next week, but what do. Go spend Thanksgiving with family , go surfing or go sailing. Just way to many choices. Then I start to reason, the surf will get good again, the sailing weather will always be around, but friends and family aren’t always going to get together.  So I went to the boat and just opened it up for fresh air, grabbed my surfboard and surfed just an hour and then still made it to the most important thing Life is Good

Just a little side note Just getting back from New Bern and christmas with the family. As always I ate to much but all in all I feel does that. Well off to the office to work on a few nautical t shirts and sailing t shirts.

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