Son of a Sailor… Glad I don’t live in a Trailer.. Old salts Life t shirts

Christmas and family

Well, another holiday is here as today is Christmas. I could think of a lot of fun things that I would rather do today at Old salts Life t shirts but we know….I am going to my 87 year old moms. My mom is tough, she raised 4 boys and we are all hellions. I choose the life of a wanderer and business man with Salt & Asphalt T Shirts and Old salts Life t shirts…just couldn’t stay in one place to long. Being a surfboard shaper and builder, a hammock weaver at Freaky Tiki Hammocks and a designer at Old salts Life t shirts  , I could go anywhere there was an ocean and surf and make money.

The Brothers

One brother Michael (who I lived in Hawaii with) got married had kids and the I helped him get into the Surfing business. He has done very good, very grounded. One brother , Nicky (the older one) has always sold cars..had a bunch of kids and basically led what we call a normal life and then my youngest brother Doug, still not sure how things are going there. This week he set up a video gambling parlor and is making money. But with gambling comes it own problems.

And now there is Today

And then here I am. Sitting around only with just my best friend Squirt. I am happy.. No worries, just surfing, sailing and put in a few hours a week a the surf shop doing what I love. Don’t have a lot, but I got better memories than most on this planet. Son of a least I don’t live in a trailer.

Tall Tales..outright Lies
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