NO REALLY..BELIEVE IT OR NOT.. the first rope hammock

Early hammock

   Origins of the Hammock

    I invented the original rope hammock many years ago. Some credit the Aztecs, some credit the South and central Americans for invented today’s rope hammock..but no it was me. I know some of you doubters will have a hard time with the facts here but its my story and this is the way I tell it

   Me, the Carpenter

   Many years ago I had gone to hear a sermon by the Sea of Galilee.  And believe me they were not any fancy rope hammocks around. Anyway back to the history of the rope hammock.  My dog squirt and I were heading to listen to this carpenter from Jerusalum about peace love and happiness..come to think about it, he sound a lot like today’s modern hippie,but that is another story altogether. I was started to get a little hungry and that carpenter had been breaking bread and pulling sushi from his basket all day. I was in need of a little rest and relaxation.

 And the Idea Comes

   Now this is where I got the idea for that first hammock. Having a full stomach and nowhere to lay down but some sand and a bit of grass I started thinking. On the way in I saw a few roman soldiers putting some crosses in the sand and stringing some poor peasants for stealing food. AND THEN IT HIT ME ,I grabbed a fisherman’s net, strung it up between the 2 crosses and off I that beautiful thing I called fisherman’s net between 2 crosses that I later shortened to a hammock. Well by the time I woke everyone had gathered around me wanting to know where they could get a hammocks on sale and I went into business at Salt & Asphalt and have been working ever since.

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