WHY!!! When I could just be designing nautical t shirts.

Been missing from Old Salts Life T shirts

Making nautical t shirts at Old Salts Life is not why I haven’t been on the blog lately and you probably can guess ., no not designing nautical t-shirts , sailing t shirts  and i long ago quit weaving hammocks. And I haven’t been lazy. In fact I worked way too much for my aloha lifestyle

Blame it on the Boat

Well I guess I know I have to get back to print nautical t shirts because I got to work but I bought another SailBoat. I had to have a bigger boat. Well actually I bought 2 boats since on here last.   I first bought a Ranger 33, and realized a little late that that beautiful sleek racing machine was just a little too narrow for me to socialize, but with a blown ATOMIC 4 I got her cheap. Here is where it gets exciting. I had the local Atomic 4 specialist come buy to look at it.  No problem , he had another engine to drop ion. As we were talking he kept commenting about how much he wished he could find a sleek 33′ like this because his present sailboat was just to wide and bulky.A 1973 CAL 35 Cruiser, maybe I can immortalize  it in a few nautical t shirts. And of course I let him know a wished for a wider sailboat.Wham! He said lets trade even..and he had  just put a rebuilt PERKINS 51 HP engine in. He had a new Hot water heater, Charles battery charger, new Lectra San,

Well that was my summer building FREAKY TIKI II. She has been rewired, recovered and a little paint. Its fall , she is ready to go and I am just itching to head up to Oriental, the Outer Banks and New Bern.

Workshop for salt & asphalt
Sailboat is my Tiki Bar

My new sailboat

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