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It ain’t right, I live in the South

Dusk in the Fall

 Sometimes Life has it Twists

Sometime things are just a little off balance and sometimes it just ain’t right. I live in the South. Pleasure Island aka Carolina beach NC is like a paradise, beautiful river(the famous Cape Fear), beautiful Atlantic Ocean, a boardwalk that has it all. We got rides all summer, famous donut hole(Britts), voted drunkest town in United States. To be fair its because being a tourist area and not a lot of residents we have more  bars than people, or so it seem. Getting off the subject a little.

 Its supposed to be warm

Southern weather is supposed to be warm and as you move up the coast seasonal changes, but still mild. Today it is 15 degrees and my sailboat is frozen in the water. Never seen the salt water canal freeze like this. My little space heater keeps the inside a balmy 50 degrees.(Its ok, I actually live in my house 3 blocks away. But ice and snow is for the north, that far away land(no travel zone the yankees inhabit. I mean yesterday morning I got in my jeep to 4 wheel down the beach and it was ice and snow everywhere. Whats a southerner to do but dream of the Caribbean I guess.

 Making lemonade

Then I thought of making lemonade out of this lemon of a situation. I will take cool (cold) pictures of boats frozen and put them on t shirts at Old Salts Life and at Salt & Asphalt t Shirts. Just got me an imitation GoPro. Ordered from China for $17 instead of $299. And it works great, waterproof housing, 1090 dp and lots of mounts. Now I a getting excited about these dire staits and off I go to shoot photos. Oh gosh.. I know I own shoes and a coat just dont remember where I left them last!


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